Web Guys’ Main Website Has Now Launched

For those who don’t know much about my website company I started, Web Guys, we finally launched our main website. Check it out here: http://webguysaz.com.
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Vast Treasure Spent On War, Should We Support It?

Today via Facebook, I shared the following video and comment regarding how much we spend on war and a bit of reflection on if we should support it:

Sad how much we spend on death and destruction. Even sadder that so many of us treat that money as sacred and untouchable.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I feel that after this life, if it is revealed, we will see that this money was not spent to protect the innocent, to fight “good wars”, or that God supported the majority of these efforts. I believe when truth is revealed, it will be seen that it was primarily based on deceit, lust for power and wealth. That the devil was the supporter of the majority of the efforts on both sides, and many of us will be ashamed that we fell for it.

Again, maybe I’m wrong. But maybe…just maybe…I’m not.

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This Land Is Mine, God Gave This Land To Me

As the recent conflict in Gaza has escalated, I came across this video that tries to take a step back and look at a bigger picture of what has gone on over thousands of year on that land. Albeit, in a somewhat humorous and grotesque way, but it illustrates that the land has experienced a series of conquests in which all sides seem to believe that they are right, it is their land, and that it was given to them by God. I shared this video and comment on Facebook today to provide some of my thoughts on this and other conflicts going on today:
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Is Iran A Threat?

I posted the following graphic and comment on Facebook today about Iran:
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Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils

Today was the Presidential Preference Primary voting day in Arizona. When choosing a candidate to vote for, many people see the choice as a strategic move, meant to “beat” an opponent and yield a defeat to the “other guy” that they consider extremely undesirable. To that end, they scan the choices on “their side” and determine which of the candidates they believe has the best chance at beating their opponent. When focusing on who best can win the election for their side, attention turns to the “electability” of each candidate. Often times, there is a conflict between who the voter feels best represents their views and who they think can win the election. Many people decide to go against their better judgement and instead pick the person who seems to have the best chance at winning. The logic goes that it is more important to defeat the worst candidate than it is to vote for your favorite person because anything is better than the worst guy taking office.

Voting in this manner is often referred to as “voting for the lesser of two evils.” People don’t want to vote for evil, but they feel it’s better to have a little bit of evil than a lot. However, is this the best way to choose a candidate? Are we “wasting” our vote by choosing someone who probably won’t win?

Here’s a short, but excellent persuasive speech that discusses why voting for the lesser of two evils is a false dichotomy and why it continually yields the results it does:
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A Comment About Making Government More Effecient

Sometimes the complaint comes up that the Federal government has too much “gridlock” or “partisanship” and they just can’t get things done. Often it follows that they need to figure out how to be more efficient and start working together. Last night, President Obama devoted a portion of his speech to this topic. About 50 mins into the speech the President stated, “The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it’s inefficient, outdated and remote. That’s why I’ve asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.”

Someone brought this up on Facebook, a little concerned about what he was talking about. I made the following comment:

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A Quick Comment About My Experience At The Maricopa County Republican Convention 2012

Yesterday I attended the Maricopa County Republican Convention to show support for Ron Paul. Here’s the Facebook comment I made after returning:
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Mitt Romney Will Not Solve Our Financial Crisis

Some Mitt Romney supporters I have talked to say that one of the reasons they support him is because he will fix the federal budget. They claim he understands economics and is a smart businessman. After all, as governor of Massachusetts he walked into a huge budget deficit and balanced it by the time he left, they say. Never mind that Mitt Romney increased state “fees” and modified the tax code to bring in an extra $740.5 million per year in state revenue to make that happen (but hey, he didn’t “raise” taxes!). Well, I say that he doesn’t understand our economic problems and he definitely won’t solve them if he becomes president, for one very important reason: He believes in the same fallacious economic policies that all of our leaders have for the last 80 years, known as “Keynesianism”. It was Richard Nixon who notoriously said, “We’re all Keynesians now.” George Bush was a Keynesian, Obama is a Keynesian, and so is every other 2012 presidential candidate, save Ron Paul.

So what is a “Keynesian“? A Keynesian is someone who follows the economic school of thought started by John Maynard Keynes. To break down the Keynesian economic philosophy into simple terms, I’ll share a comment I made to a Mitt Romney supporter on Facebook yesterday. He was responding to someone else that called Mitt Romney a Keynesian and he claimed: “We can’t blame this one on John Maynard…where we ‘at’ is where President Obama has put us ‘at'”.

I made this short comment in response explaining what Keynesianism is and why Mitt Romney cannot possibly solve our economic problems:
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The Bible & Ron Paul

I recently came across this awesome video series that shows how Ron Paul’s positions best align with the Bible compared to other candidates (thanks to RonPaulFlix.com for sharing it). It is REALLY well done and worth the watch for all Christians. There are 13 short videos that discuss various topics and the moral, Constitutional, and practical arguments for each and how the Biblical teachings on each topic align with Ron Paul’s political application in those areas. I’ll link each of the 13 parts below with their title so you can easily jump to any specific topic and then embed the whole playlist below that if you want to watch straight through:
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What Is A Right? And What Does It Teach Us?

An acquaintance on Facebook who is trying to understand what rights are a little better, made this comment:

I feel most of the problems with government today could be prevented/solved(?) if we really, truly understood just what our “rights” are and from whence they come. I’m still trying to enhance my understanding of what a human right truly is…

I agree with his statement. Afterward, he asked for his friends to provide definitions of rights to help enlighten him. Here’s what I responded:
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