Letter To My Congressmen about Stimulus Plan

This is a letter I wrote to my representatives ( Senator Jon Kyl, Representative Jeff Flake, and Senator John McCain) about the “Stimilus” package that is being proposed and voted on soon. Just thought I’d share my thoughts with everyone else, too. You can submit your own letter very easily by filling out the form on Congress.org that was setup to help people contact their representatives to reject Obama’s so-called “Stimilus” plan. You don’t even have to know who your representatives are, it sends to the appropriate members of congress for you.

We do not need a stimulus package. This is what we should do instead. Stop manipulating the economy through central planning. If history and especially the 20th century has taught us anything, it is that central planning does not work. Instead, recognize that central planning got us into this mess. Shortly after our central bank, the Federal Reserve, was established in 1913, there was a short recession/depression in 1920-1921 and then the great Depression in the late 1920’s through the 1930’s. So, immediately after moving from a free market economy to a centrally planned economy, our financial system became more unstable and out of control. The very reason the public was sold on the idea of a central bank was to stabilize the economy and prevent such things. Yet, ever since we started centrally planning our economy, our financial system has had boom after boom, followed by bust after bust, and resulting in inflation and more inflation.

Now, we have enormous government debt and Obama is proposing to cut taxes while increasing spending. How are we supposed to pay for the increased spending if taxes are cut? The money is either going to come from more borrowing from foreigners (increasing our national debt further), or from having the Federal Reserve print it (causing even more inflation, which strips the value of what little money Americans have). This “stimulus” proposal is trying to fix the problem by adding to the problem. You can’t cure a drug addict by giving him more drugs. It may provide a temporary fix, but the problem still exists and the solution is to stop giving him drugs. It will be temporarily painful, but it will ultimately solve the problem.

So, my solution is based on history and on constitutional principles that we have strayed far from. The solution is to stop manipulating the economy through the Federal Reserve with inflation and artificial interest rates, stop controlling businesses through regulation (that’s called Facism, by the way), and restore what this country once had, a free market economy and no central bank. It is a difficult road, but it is necessary to restore our economy. Anything else will only temporarily hide the problem, but ultimately make it worse.

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