Letter To John McCain regarding S. 604

I recently wrote a letter to my Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl, and asked them to co-sponsor S. 604, The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act. This is the Senate version of the bill HR 1207 from Ron Paul in the House of Representatives, which I wrote about before. The purpose is to audit the Federal Reserve so we know what they are doing with trillions of dollars they are printing, since they are currently extremely secretive and have virtually no oversight. Here is the letter I wrote to John McCain with a few helpful links to video clips to prove my points:

Please co-sponsor S. 604, the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act. We keep worrying about the bailouts and nationalizing industries, but the Federal Reserve is busy printing massive amounts of money (to the tune of 2 trillion dollars) and we have no idea where it is going. It is time to put an end to the secrecy of this private entity and its destructive force on our county. During your presidential campaign, most of your biggest financial supporters were from the banking industry. Please show us that you are not on their payroll and looking out for their interests, but instead fighting for us, the people of Arizona, whom you represent. It is unfortunate some of the stances you have taken in the past and I hope that you will listen to the people and make a greater effort to stand up for our freedoms and shine some light on the secretive dealings of our central bank, the Federal Reserve. The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, in his own words showed that he had no idea the economy was in trouble and has been consistently wrong. How is he supposed to fix something he doesn’t even know the cause of? Please take a moment to see for yourself how wrong he has been on the current economic crisis:

Now, please listen to Senator DeMint talking to Judge Napolitano about how powerful the Federal Reserve already is and why we should know what they are doing:

Please follow Senator DeMint’s example and sponsor this bill and help get it passed. So much of our economic future depends on it.

I was very happily surprised to see that within a week of my letter to Senator John McCain, he became a cosponsor of S 604! To be honest, I thought John McCain was the last person that would ever cosponsor the bill. Hopefully my other Senator, John Kyl, will cosponsor soon as well. (Note: Both Senators from Utah, Senator Bob Bennet and Senator Orrin Hatch, have already cosponsored the bill. See the full list of cosponsors by following the link and clicking “View cosponsors” on the left side.)

I encourage you to contact your own respresentatives to pressure them to support both HR 1207 and S 604. You can easily send them messages by following this link and putting in your zip code. You can also sign the petitions at the bottom of that page for each bill. I wish I could express how vital it is to have these bills pass. Performing an audit of the Federal Reserve is an extremely important first step to taking back our country from some of the powerful elites that control our country and putting control back into our hands. Study up on the Federal Reserve if you don’t know why it is so important to take this step.

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