Obama Administration’s Health Care Bill: Is This A Bad Dream?

The Health Care bill, HR3200, that the Obama Administration is trying to rush through is scary, to say the least. If you don’t know what’s in it, then I’ll try to help educate you a little bit in this post. In short, it’s all about rationing and control. Denying health care to those that the government thinks shouldn’t receive it and controlling the doctors, hospitals, employers, and all of us so that government bureaucracies will decide what care we get and how we get it.

Here’s a video of congresswoman Michele Bachmann addressing the House about the attitudes of some of President Obama’s high-level health care advisors:


At the start, she mentions Betsy McCaughey, former Lt. Governor of New York and founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths. You can listen to an 8-minute radio interview with Betsy McCaughey on the Fred Thompson Show talking about the frightening health care bill.

I also read and highly recommend a 10-page analysis of the bill by the Liberty Counsel, a nationwide public interest religious civil liberties law firm. I could not believe what I was reading. I checked the references from the actual 1018 page bill to verify it. It’s really that bad.

The bill proposes crazy things like government officials coming into our homes to discuss family planning and teaching/telling us how to parent. Part of the “Nurse Home Visit Services” would be “Improving maternal or child health and pregnancy outcomes or increasing birth intervals between pregnancies.” In other words, encouraging or mandating abortions or other preventative measures for family planning. Part of those visits also include determinations of economic self-sufficiency, employment advancement and school-readiness. This is eerily similar to the ideas of Eugenics, which are formed around the ideas of Darwinism and of which Adolf Hitler was a strong proponent and practitioner of. In a nutshell, it boils down to government officials determining who is fit and desirable to reproduce and who will be discouraged and prevented from reproducing.

As mentioned in the video above, the bill also has a large amount of it dedicated to determining who should live and who shouldn’t, especially for the elderly, based on if it’s economically viable. It also mentions the government having direct real-time access to your bank accounts for electronic funds transfers, controlling schooling for doctors and veterinarians, establishing school-based “health” clinics for children, issuing a National ID health care card, then establishing a National Medical Device Registry to track patients, and so much more. Seriously, this has to be a bad dream. There are also parts about it taxing and fining employers so that basically everyone is forced into government provided insurance. Their intentions are to phase out private insurance altogether. It’s not about letting you chose which one you want. Here’s a video showing some of them and Barack Obama himself, saying as much:

Again, I strongly urge you to read the 10-page analysis for yourself. Please don’t just get upset about this, but do something to prevent it! Our representatives and senators need to know what’s in this huge bill and I doubt many of them will even read it. Send this pre-written letter to your representatives and senators by going here and just put in your address, so that it can go to the correct reps, and customize it as you see fit.

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