Hope Ya Know, We Had A Hard Time

The Church came out with this excellent video awhile back and I had been meaning to share it. It uses the talk by Elder Quentin L. Cook, from the Quorom of the Twelve Apostles, in the last General Conference. In the comments for this video on YouTube, many mentioned that it brought tears to their eyes (it had the same affect on me).

Please watch:

I think it’s a very timely message for many of us. I know many in my family and my wife’s are struggling right now. There is a lot of uncertainty ahead and the future, no doubt, holds more hardship. While many in the world are struggling and will become increasingly desperate as conditions worsen, it is my hope that we can remember the important message in this video and come together to help one another out. Imagine if everyone found someone having a hard time and did something to lighten their burdens.

I know, for me, sometimes as I watch what’s going on in the world it gets difficult to keep spirits high. Watching this video is a big help to me, I hope it can help you too.

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