Overview Of America

When I posted on Man, Freedom, and Government a little bit ago, I received a lot of good feedback. It’s a wonderful video that provides good insights into the proper role of governments, and how freedoms are lost by having government attempt to take care of us.

Here is another excellent video, again by the John Birch Society, that demonstrates what made America great. It also clearly explains the different forms of government (facism, communism, republics, democracies, etc.) and the varying economic structures that exist (capitalism, socialism, etc.) within those political systems. It is just as insightful as the previous video and should, too, be shown in all schools so that our children (and us) do not misunderstand the principles of freedom that granted us a prosperity the world has never known. Maybe then we might be more accurate in diagnosing our current problems and actually support those that promote more freedom as the answer to those (government-created) problems.

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