Operation Health Freedom 1 of 6: Peter Schiff

Campaign For Liberty has launched a new site regarding the health care debate called Operation Health Freedom. There is  a lot of good information on that site and they are currently putting together a series of 6 videos which consist of 6 interviews with different people about health care from a free market / constitutional perspective. The 6 people interviewed are Congressman Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, bestselling author and historian Tom Woods, Euro Pacific Capital President Peter Schiff, and British Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan.  I’ll post all 6 videos, one per day, until all 6 videos are up.

The first video is Peter Schiff discussing some of the cost issues of the our current health care system and how to remedy the situation. He makes good points and I wanted to emphasize that the whole current health care debate is (like most political issues being discussed today) highly flawed. We are told that there are many problems with our current health care system, including access to health care services, getting everybody coverage through insurance, etc. But none of those are really the problem, they are simply symptoms of the real problem.

The real issue is health care costs. If health care was cheaper, we wouldn’t need insurance for routine visits and minor health issues. We only need insurance because it costs too much for everything we do involving our health. Though Obama and some of those pushing current government health care schemes admit costs are an issue, they don’t properly diagnose the cause of the rising costs. So first we have to understand: Why has health care gotten so expensive?

Peter Schiff helps explain some of these things in the video:

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