A Message About Mike Lee For Senate (Utah)

I received this email newsletter a few weeks ago by someone I admire and have linked to many times on this site. He lives in Utah and sent this email about a candidate for Senate running in Utah named Mike Lee. I’ve looked into Mike a little and don’t have any disagreements with the email sent to me so I am going to post the email here for your reading. One of the major ways in which we can stand up for our freedoms is to elect those to office that understand the Constitution and will uphold it. Our government is increasingly out of control and we desperately need to reign it back in by putting principled individuals into Congress that will fight against the despotic policies being pushed upon us.

Here’s the email:

Please dedicate a few minutes to this email and consider its message — yes, even if you don’t live in Utah.
As the Obamanation continues to erode the foundations of liberty — a work that has been consistently ongoing for decades — concerned Americans are, thankfully, waking up. Not all, and not even a majority — but a select few who are hitting the books, hitting the streets, and hitting their head against the wall, wondering what to do.
Books and streets — education and action — are key elements of restoring the liberty we’ve lost. As I explained in one recent article, I believe that we both need to tear down corruption and build up principled structures of good government in its place.
And that’s why I’m supporting Mike Lee for the U.S. Senate in Utah.
More importantly, it’s why you should support Mike, too.
You see, the current Senator — up for re-election this fall — is an aged, establishment-loving domestic enemy to the Constitution. It is true that he’s Republican, Mormon, and has experience. So, what? This man has repeatedly voted against the Constitution — a document he has publicly stated was for “an agrarian society”, rejecting its application to our day. (This despite the fact that he’s thrice sworn to support and defend the document…)
Mike is one of four Republican challengers taking on Bennett. After looking into each, I feel strongly that Mike stands the best chance at unseating the incumbent, and will actually, you know, support and defend the Constitution. (Shocking, I know.. it’s almost hard to visualize.) Mike knows and understands the Constitution, is willing and ready to bind himself down by the limited powers conferred in Article I Section 8, and is the right person to bring debate and discussion of constitutional powers back to the Senate. I feel so strongly about supporting Mike — and taking down Bennett — that I have become closely involved in his campaign, spending what little free time I have (seriously, ask my wife) to make sure he wins.
That’s where you come in.
We’re an all-volunteer staff, passionate about what we’re doing. We have a good chance at placing a constitutionalist into the Senate — tearing down tyranny and building up liberty — and need your help.
First: education.
I don’t want you supporting Mike because I do. Take some time to read through the content on his website. Watch some video clips of him speaking. If you’re in Utah, come to one of his events. Educate yourself and see why I think Mike is the right man for the job.
Second: donation.
As I said, we’re a volunteer staff. We need money not for our mortgages and vacations, but for signs, literature, and other material to help show other people why they, too, should support Mike. This is especially relevant to those of you who don’t live in Utah — Mike might not become your Senator, but your donation can help bring him closer to becoming an advocate for the Constitution in the halls of the Senate. In that sense, he’ll be representing everybody who cherishes this document, regardless of where you live. Please consider donating as much as you can, whatever that amount might be. We realize that money is tight for many these days, but the fight for liberty is one of the most important causes in which we can be engaged. I’m reminded of this quote by John Quincy Adams:

Posterity–you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.

It cost many our founding generation their blood and sweat, their lives and livelihoods. What is it costing you? Please, please, make a small sacrifice and donate to fuel this campaign. Liberty is not yet dead, and I’m convinced that we can make a difference here in Utah (and the nation as a whole). But again, we need your help.
Third: action.
This campaign is being carried on the shoulders of hundreds of dedicated and passionate volunteers — patriots like myself who are sick of the status quo, sick of an anti-liberty incumbency, and ready to make a positive change. Will you join us? Please sign up at the website and tell us how you would like to help. Whatever your talents and interests are, we’d love to use them to move this campaign forward.
Fourth and finally: communication.
Forward this email. Write a blog post. Talk to your friends. Do whatever it takes to spread this message, rally others to the cause, and inspire those around you to get up and get involved. We’re already harnessing social media to make sure Mike’s message receives a large audience, but being successful requires that people like you hit that forward button and send this message to those who need to hear it.
If you’ve made it to the bottom, then what can I say… you must care about this country! Again, please get educated, make a donation, volunteer, and share this email and Mike’s website with others.


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  1. Connor Says:

    Thanks for spreading the word! Also consider adding your endorsement.

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