A letter to Senator Kyl about S 510 “Food Safety Modernization Act”

Here is a letter I recently wrote to one of my Senators, Jon Kyl, about the bill S 510 “Food Safety Modernization Act”

Please oppose S 510, “Food Safety Modernization Act”. I don’t think more government bureaucracy is going to help the food industry. In fact, I think it will hurt. The logical consequence of more federal regulation on industries is that the small players get regulated out of existence, and the larger players get bigger, as they are able to navigate all the regulations thrown at them with their larger budgets. It’s silly to think that government bureaus have a better incentive to serve the public good than the industries themselves. The food providers have to make us, their customers, happy by providing safe and affordable products. Government bureaus have their loyalty to the government itself, and those who dictate which and how much funds they will receive. Government bureaus are simply enforcement agencies that impose what GOVERNMENT thinks is best upon the industry and market. The free market imposes what WE think is best by paying for products we like and enjoy and allowing those which we do not want to fall by the wayside. This happens without some expensive and obtrusive bureaucracy that ends up helping the big guys, hurting the little guys, and making the ultimate product less desirable and more expensive. In short, we need to stop constant government interference into all aspects of our lives. Freedom works, central planning does not. Let freedom do what it is intended to do and let US decide what we should and shouldn’t buy and produce with our own money and our own efforts.

Thank you for your time.

UPDATE 11/18/10: This bill was debated today and was going to be voted on, but was put on hold. My guess is they put it on hold because they didn’t have enough support, so now the leadership (i.e. Harry Reid, et al) can put some more pressure on some people and scheme and maneuver until they get enough support and then try again.

Here is why this bill is so scary:

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  1. Jennifer Hadley Says:

    OMGosh! I hate when government tries to control and regulate things they know nothing about. Don’t they see the big picture? These regulations hurt their families too.
    Brandon and I just got done with our Utah Farm Bureau Annual Convention in Layton, Utah. For 3 days local farmers that are active Farm Bureau members from every county in our state sat in voting delegate sessions covering a wide variety of topics and challenges we face with the government trying to pass laws that will hurt our farms and all families here in America and abroad. Brandon has been one of those voting delegates for the past 2 years. Without the American Farm Bureau we wouldn’t have a voice! The Farm Bureau is a well respected organization by Congress and it’s whole purpose is to fight for our rights and freedoms in producing America’s food here in our own counrty. Every state holds an annual convention like ours where the Farm Bureau president discusses issues with us and the dangerous bills that are trying to pass in congress. We reach a unanimous vote on each topic and then the president takes our voices to Congress and lets them know what bills the Farm Bureau will support and those we strongly oppose and why.
    Thanks for your letter to your Senator Jeremy!

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