A Response to DemandProgress.org Regarding Creationism vs Evolution

I receive emails from DemandProgress.org and sign many of their petitions because they have been making a strong effort to stop government takeovers of the internet and such. So far I have agreed with every petition and cause they have fought for since I signed up because I feel they have furthered the cause of freedom. However, today, I got this email from them and had to send a response. Their email is below and my response follows:


There’s a national war on science, and the Texas Board of Education is the front line: They want to put Creationists in charge of the content of science text books. The board has influence beyond Texas because the state is one of the largest buyers of textbooks — so their decisions could undermine what gets taught across America.

Will you click here to demand an end to Texas’s war on science?

The nominees to the science curriculum review team are absolutely ridiculous:  They don’t believe in evolution — and some of them admit that they don’t even believe in science at all!

One said, “I can find physical and written testimony that the Earth is only 6,000 years old … Studying natural history can be an interesting, fun, and adventure-filled pursuit, but it is not real science.” Another puts it even more bluntly:  “As a creationist, I believe naturalism in the sciences to be science-fiction.

These people are making a mockery of science education, which could have ramifications across the country.

Will you help fight back by signing Demand Progress’s petition to the Texas Board of Education?

Thanks for standing with science,

— The Demand Progress team

P.S.  Because it buys so many text books, the Texas decision could have real ramifications on science education across the country.  Will you forward this email to your friends?

And here is my response:

Demand Progress Team,
I don’t “stand for science” or stand against it. I stand for freedom. I don’t see how this issue is about freedom. I am not a scientist and I’m guessing, either are you. However, I do understand politics, as do you. And politics pay for certain ideas to be widespread and taught in public schools and universities, like evolution and global warming. While I do not side with evolutionists or the creationists on this particular issue, I stand against either of those ideas being forced on society with taxpayer money. Wouldn’t our efforts be more worthwhile reigning in public education and allowing private education to flourish, as it once did in America, and created the most literate society in the history of the world? I do not see the point in furthering a cause like this when we are basically arguing about which ideas should be forced on people with taxpayer money. I do not believe in force, I believe in freedom and people making up their own minds about what they want to believe and what they want to teach their kids. Don’t force me to pay for your evolutionist agenda and I won’t force you to pay for my creationist agenda. That’s how freedom works and there doesn’t need to be a conflict. We can tolerate one another and live peacefully if we aren’t forcing everyone to do what we think is in their best interest.
In short, freedom works. I don’t know about you but I will spend my efforts doing what I can for you to be able to believe in what you want to believe and being able to teach your children what you want to teach them. Won’t you do the same for me?

Jeremy Saxey

2 Responses to “A Response to DemandProgress.org Regarding Creationism vs Evolution”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Thanks for admitting your ignorance when it comes to science. It makes this steaming load of bull a lot easier to laugh at.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    You have made no counter argument here, just name calling. If you have a thoughtful argument to contribute to the discussion, that would be great. However, even if you succeeded in convincing me of the veracity of the theory of evolution, I would not change my position on forcing that view on others through public education.

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