Ron Paul 2012: In Defense of Liberty

I just wanted to share this video to highlight a few things. Ron Paul has not officially¬†announced his run for the presidency yet, but has formed an exploratory committee and it’s a pretty sure bet that he will run again in 2012. I’m super excited and so are all of his grassroots supporters. This year I think it will be different than in 2008 when he was relatively unknown. The media is going to have a harder time convincing everyone that he is crazy and has no support because now, virtually everyone knows his name and has seen him on TV and heard his message. However, I don’t think that will stop the media from at least trying to persuade the public that he is not a good option. I think this year they will continue to use deceit and even lie, like they did last year because he is the ultimate anti-establishment candidate. The establishment is not afraid of Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Donald Trump, or any of these guys because they ARE the establishment and will protect the status quo. With any of these other candidates, nothing will change. We will still print and spend massive amounts of money, still fight endless and ever-increasing wars, and our civil liberties will continue to erode under a big-brother, nanny-state.

True to form, Fox News is already starting their deception by trying to make Ron Paul look bad. Here is what happened a few months ago at CPAC 2011 when Ron Paul won the straw poll for presidential candidate for the 2nd year in a row (watch the whole thing and see the actual result towards the end):

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Now, to the defense of Fox News, they did apologize the next day for the “mix up”. However, this is nothing new for them and in order to create this “mix up” they would have had to of had someone dig up year old footage and chop and edit the video to only show the portion they wanted, without ever noticing that it was from the prior year. Also, this video went viral and was making Fox News look bad, so I don’t know that they would have admitted to their “mistake” if everyone hadn’t already figured it out. Were they just trying to save face? I don’t know, but expect more of this for the presidential run this year.

On a similar note, here is a video showing clips of the media in 2008 and now again in 2012 of the establishment doing business as usual but also gets into the important issues where Ron Paul is the only one that defends liberty (this is a great video):

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Do yourself a favor this election cycle: don’t get all your news from the mainstream media, don’t believe everything they tell you, visit and join,, follow people and groups on Facebook and Twitter who are involved in the liberty movement, and you will see for yourself what the truth is, how many good people there are that are fighting for liberty, and how hard the establishment tries to keep you ignorant of these facts. I’m excited for this election cycle and plan to be more involved than ever before.¬†Like Tom Woods said towards the end of the last video:

Don’t give up. Don’t retreat into cynicism. Even if we don’t win. Life is about fighting for something greater than yourself. It’s a good thing to fight for what’s right. And, it’s enjoyable to fight for what’s right. And it’s immensely satisfying to fight for what’s right.

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  1. Kirstin Says:

    I hope everything works out for him.. Seems like a motivated speaker..

    (Dentist in Michigan)

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