Mainstream Media Shenanigans With Ron Paul Again

A little while back, the Morning Joe show on MSNBC showed the fundraising efforts of the Republic Presidential candidates. Take a look at the image they showed on that program:

Notice who’s missing from that image? Ron Paul. Why? Was it because he had such low fundraising that he didn’t even beat Gingrich on the bottom and therefore didn’t even make the chart? Nope, he had raised more than all the people on there, except Mitt Romney. Some of the other candidates hadn’t reported their fundraising and so they were not included on the list, but Ron Paul did, and got 2nd place. Yet, MSNBC left Ron Paul off the list, completely ignoring him.

Only 3 days ago we had the Ames, Iowa straw poll. This poll is always seen as a crucial one for determining the likelihood of success of presidential candidates. Ron Paul got 2nd place, barely missing 1st place by less than 200 votes! The third place candidate got less than half the votes Ron Paul got. In fact, the third place candidate, Tim Pawlenty, did so bad that he dropped out of the race after seeing the results of the straw poll. So you can see that, according this important straw poll, there really are two major contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul (see poll results here). Yet, what do we get from the mainstream media? Crickets when it comes to how well Ron Paul is doing. They keep either downplaying how much support he really has, or they completely ignore him. It’s been scary to see how far the media has gone over the last few days to ignore Ron Paul or just simply give him no credit whatsoever.

Here is Jon Stewart from the Daily Show showing how bad the media has been over the last few days since Ron Paul’s huge success at the Iowa straw poll:

This is exactly what they did in 2008 to Ron Paul as well. It was very bad back then, and it seems it’s getting worse this year. This year Ron Paul has much more name recognition and it is getting harder for the media to cover up his popularity, so their attempts are getting more┬ádesperate. Thanks to the internet, more and more people are pointing out the media’s shenanigans as they continue to lose credibility.

I’ll post more about the mainstream media soon, but when you see this manipulation of information, some important questions should come to mind. They did for me in 2008 as I watched them be so deceptive and manipulative towards Ron Paul’s presidential run. The fact that the media is so scared of Ron Paul should prove to you that he is the only candidate that is not part of the establishment. The powers that be, politically, economically, and in the media, see Ron Paul as a threat to their power. Isn’t that exactly the kind of president we need?

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