Ron Paul Wins CNN Poll, So They Report On Someone Else’s

Here’s another example of the…I don’t what other word to use but…deception that the mainstream media is engaging in to hide Ron Paul’s success. This time around it’s CNN.

This happened after CNN hosted the republican presidential debate a few months ago. In discussing who was considered the winner of the debate, based on polls taken, CNN showed some results that had Ron Paul at 0%! What they didn’t tell you was that on CNN’s own poll, Ron Paul actually won overwhelmingly with around 78%. So why the huge discrepancy? It turns out the poll they showed on the screen was actually a poll from the website National Journal that only had…get this…54 votes total! So, instead of using their own poll, where Ron Paul demolished the other candidates, none of which even got into double-digits, they took a tiny poll with a handful of respondents and showed that instead. Here’s a link to the video of CNN reporting the misleading poll numbers with a picture of the actual CNN website poll at the end.

The internet went crazy spreading the news of CNN’s little trick and the story was all over non-mainstream news networks. Adam Kokesh on RT America did a good report on it and brought up some other interesting facts, like that Ron Paul won ALL of the major news polls, not just CNN’s, and by a long shot. Take a look at that report:

To back up the report above, take a look at this compilation of screen shots someone put together of several different major polls after that debate showing Ron Paul winning by a landslide in all but one (Fox News’ shows only a lead of 4% over the rest, but still winning). In fact, you can still see the CNN poll online right now here. It was a poll made for mobile phones so that’s why it appears small. Go ahead and vote for whoever you favorite is and then you’ll see the results. As of the time of this writing Ron Paul is up to 83% with the second place person, Mitt Romney, at 5%. I’m sure this poll will be offline soon, as they don’t leave these up forever.

Now, like Adam Kokesh said in the video above, polls are polls and can be pretty inaccurate. But the point I’m drilling in is that, poll after poll, and on various polls from major news networks all over the place, Ron Paul continues to win and win by a lot, yet the major news networks report as if the major players in the presidential debate are currently Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Perry. And in order to cover up the strong support Ron Paul has among the people, they are purposely deceptive. On all of the major news outlets, including Fox News. The establishment doesn’t like Ron Paul and they don’t want you to like him either.

Related to my last post showing the interest in Ron Paul on the internet vs. the media coverage he gets, here’s a link to that live information on Google. You can see how many searches he has gotten compared to Mitt Romney over time, and in the bottom half you can see the amount of media coverage he gets vs. Mitt Romney. Like I said, it’s an exact flip flop.

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