Ron Paul Predicted 9/11

I’ve posted a few times before showing how accurately Ron Paul predicted the economic collapse we are currently enduring. The man understands economics and it is one of his two top issues that he is concerned with. The 2nd serious issue that Ron Paul is very concerned about is foreign policy. The other republicans and the news media always try to say he is “weak” on foreign policy because he doesn’t want to intervene everywhere all the time. However, just as with the economic issues, he has been spot on with foreign policy and accurately predicted the consequences of our pre-9/11 foreign policy, stating what was and is going to happen if we continue bombing and occupying other nations. Look at this series of clips showing his predictions and explanations of our foreign policy, before 9/11:

Just tonight at the presidential CNN Tea Party Debate, Rick Santorum was trying to say that Ron Paul blamed America for 9/11. That’s an easy cop out that was used against Ron Paul in his 2008 presidential run as well. People like Santorum bury their heads in the sand and completely ignore WHY they are attacking us. This is very foolish, at best, and extremely dangerous, at worst. To act like we can run around the world doing as we please without any negative consequences is childish and ignores reality.

Jack Hunter wrote a good response to Rick Santorum after tonight’s debate titled, Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Would Make America More Safe. I highly recommend you read it, but to quote one portion of it:

When former CIA terror expert Michael Scheuer was asked in 2010 whether Obama’s efforts had succeeded in diminishing the terrorist threat, he said bluntly “I think [the terrorist threat] is stronger than it was before 9/11, certainly because the support and opposition across the Muslim world to American foreign policy is far greater today than it was on 9/11.”

The more we continue to put sanctions, drop bombs, overthrow governments, and occupy other nations, the LESS SAFE we are. Just as you and I cannot make our neighborhoods more peaceful by going into our neighbors’ homes with a gun and shooting anybody who acts up, we cannot attempt to do so with our military spread all around the world.

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