Media Promotes Herman Cain: Disses Ron Paul

Lately the media has been promoting Herman Cain more than before. One of the media’s previous favorites, Rick Perry, has been declining in popularity (with good reason, he has a bad political record, but so do all the other candidates, excepting Ron Paul). In the polls, Ron Paul has been in various positions within the top 3 most of the time including #1 a handful of times. Now that Rick Perry is losing favor, the media should be talking about the new “two-person” race of Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul. But Ron Paul, a front-runner? They can’t have that! Instead, they’ve really been boosting coverage of Herman Cain as coming out of nowhere and “skyrocketing” to be a top contender. I have no doubt that many who were previously Rick Perry supporters have switched to Herman Cain, but the media is sure trying to make sure people don’t switch to Ron Paul. Here’s a video that demonstrates that very well:

It’s funny how polls don’t mean anything when Ron Paul does well, but when others do well they are “skyrocketing” into popularity and gaining important recognition. I love how Jack Hunter put it when he said:

I’ve often joked that when Ron Paul gets to the White House, the media will declare the presidency irrelevant and focus on how Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and other establishment candidates represent the future of the Republican Party.

Indeed. I’ve often thought how amazing it will be to hear what comes out of the media if Ron Paul becomes president. You can bet that we will hear talk like we’ve never heard before about how damaging everything he is doing is. That happens now, but it’s almost always directed at “the other guy”. For example, Fox News constantly talks about how bad Obama is, but what were they saying when George Bush was in office? That was “their guy” and they praised him and supported him, even though he did the exact same things as Obama. Bailouts, wars, massive money printing, huge increase in the size and burden of the government with new and expanding departments, horrible violations of our privacy rights and security, welfare for the banking insiders. Obama has only accelerated the bad that George Bush started. It’s only bad when the democrats do it though, apparently. The same thing happens on the left-wing media outlets with the praise going to the other party.  And when the media does criticize their own guy, it’s usually saying that he’s not doing enough of the bad stuff and they want more. It’ll be interesting to see what they say when their guy is actually doing the right things. I doubt the praise will be there when Ron Paul is hacking away at the military industrial complex, actually making peace instead of war, or diminishing the role of the Federal Reserve, allowing other currencies to compete with their fiat paper money. Those will be interesting days, for sure.

As far as Herman Cain goes, he’s a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. No wonder in the debate a few days ago he talked about “we don’t need to end the Fed, we need to fix the Fed.” That’s like saying you don’t need to end your cancer, you just need to fix your cancer. The only way to fix it is to end it. You cannot have a free market economy with a central bank. There’s a reason most of our Founders were against having a central bank but having one is the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto. Not having one increases liberty, having one increases the state.

Herman Cain also promotes his new 999 plan. It’s basically a plan that says we need to reform the tax code. 9% tax on businesses, 9% tax on individuals, 9% national sales tax. Again, the Founders were against having an income tax at all, and again, having a progressive income tax (which we have) is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto. In fairness to Cain, he is trying to make the income tax be flat and not progressive, but this solution is simply saying that we need to have a bad idea be a little less communist. If Herman Cain thinks tinkering with the tax code is the solution to our problems, then he surely doesn’t understand our problems.

Speaking of not understanding our problems, on September 1, 2008, when the recession was pretty apparent to everyone, Herman Cain wrote a piece titled Economic Growth Surges, but Democrats Ignore the Truth Again. He talked about how great the economy is and calling it an “imaginary recession”. Thanks to Tom Woods for showing what happened within the next 2 weeks after Herman Cain’s article came out:

  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the U.S. government (Sept. 7)
  • Merrill Lynch was sold to Bank of America
  • Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy
  • The Fed bailed out AIG
  • Washington Mutual was sold to JP MorganChase
  • Treasury Secretary Paulson said the economy was so bad that $700 billion must be spent on bailouts immediately; otherwise, warned Ben Bernanke, “we may not have an economy on Monday.”
How’s he going to fix anything if he didn’t even see there was a problem when it was staring him in the face? It should be no secret to anyone who has been reading my blog that Ron Paul was predicting this specific crisis a decade ago. See here for just one example.
The media may have a new top contender for the presidential bid, but how about someone who actual understands the problems, has a perfect record in voting on principle and according to the Constitution, and would actually be a change from the status quo? Ron Paul is still a top contender and he’s not going anywhere no matter how hard the media try.

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