This Is How We Support The Troops

I’ve often been baffled at how easily people buy into the myth that “Support Our Troops” means we must “Support Our Wars”. Those phrases are not¬†synonymous. I support our troops and that’s exactly why I want them home, with their families. As I posted before in “Presidential Candidates Claim To Support Our Troops, But Who Do Our Troops Support For President?“, the majority of the military agrees with me and gives their money to the only candidate who will bring them home. How many more must die, be injured, mentally scarred for life, or commit suicide¬†for us to listen to them?

In support of bringing our troops home, this great video was made:

P.S. This Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11th, 2011 (11-11-11), there will be a Ron Paul Money Bomb in honor of our troops. You can pledge to donate that day or just visit on Friday to donate.

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