A Radical Experiment in Empathy

This is a similar post to my previous one. The video below, like the last one, imagines what it would be like to have some other military forces occupying our land. But this one goes further and tries to put you in their shoes, in their lands, and see what it feels like for them to have us there. To see what it would be like to see Americans, and Christians, in your land, doing the things we do.

Again, to do this type of thought experiment is considered controversial by the mainstream. That’s why the speaker in the lecture put the word “radical” in the title. But I think it is our duty, if we say we are the moral ones, spreading our good values, to at the very least attempt to understand these other people, what they feel, and what motivates them.

Please watch:

As he says in this talk, you don’t need to agree with them. But at least try to understand them. That is a praiseworthy goal that I think is very important. Isn’t that what we expect of them? With us occupying their land, and killing their people, before they attempt to harm our soldiers or harm Americans in any way, we expect them to not only try to understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, but also agree with it and support it. Is it too much to ask that we first practice a little empathy before we act?

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