You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy

My last few posts have been focusing on foreign policy. I’m emphasizing it because I think it is the biggest obstacle for Republicans (most Independents and Democrats have much less of a problem) in supporting Ron Paul. Not that my only goal is to get people to support Ron Paul, my goal is to get people to support liberty once again. Like Ron Paul said in an interview recently, he is not trying to just win the election, he’s trying to change the course of history. I’m trying to do my little part in that grand goal, as well.

In an appeal to the good sense and humanity of the readers of this blog, my last two posts focused on putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. I wanted you to think about how you would feel and react if another country treated us the way we treat them. I hope you get the sense that you would probably react similarly toward your occupiers as those we label “terrorists” react toward us while in their land. As proud and strong as we are as Americans, we would never tolerate a country that dared set foot on our land with their military forces. I think we would all agree that any country that attempted to do so could expect a swift and forceful¬†expulsion. We would also probably make darn sure to make an example of that country so that anyone else who had any doubts as to our dedication in defending ourselves from foreign invaders would be fully convinced that we will not hesitate to stand up for ourselves. This scenario and our reaction has been proven in the past with Pearl Harbor and the resulting atomic bomb.

Hopefully now we have established that we don’t treat others overseas¬†like we would want to be treated. And hopefully we realize that we would probably react in a similar way that they do if we were ever treated in such a way. With that in mind, we have begun to answer the first question I think is important in understanding our foreign policy: Why do they attack us? Answer: Because we are over there.

Now I’d like to show a video that gives a quick overview on WHAT we have been doing over there that makes them so upset. This is a great little refresher that shows how much meddling we have done over there in middle eastern countries over the last 50-60 years. It reminds us that Saddam Hussein was our friend and ally, as was Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen (we used to call them “freedom fighters”, now they are “Al Qaeda” terrorists). Most of the comments in the video are from our military members who ask us to really LISTEN to them. They continue to donate more to Ron Paul than any other candidate by a huge margin. I think more and more military members all the time are realizing what they have been asked to do over there is wrong and this video helps explain what they are beginning to see:

Our troops deserve to be home. Other countries deserve to be left alone. We, the people, deserve to be free of the burdens of paying for military adventurism that serve the agenda of a few.


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