A Quick Comment About My Experience At The Maricopa County Republican Convention 2012

Yesterday I attended the Maricopa County Republican Convention to show support for Ron Paul. Here’s the Facebook comment I made after returning:

Went to the Maricopa County Republican Convention this morning and Ron Paul supporters were out in full force. He was the only one with signs posted on the streets on your way to the event, the only one with people jumping up and down with signs as you entered the packed event, and had masses of people holding banners and signs throughout the event. No one else came close. Most of us Ron Paul supporters wore suits and ties and represented Ron Paul with great respect and dignity. It was a pleasure to speak with such quality people and hear their stories of how Ron Paul cured their apathy. All the RP supporters I talked to were so knowledgeable about all the candidates, the issues, and history of this country. And one thing was clear: None of us are going anywhere once Ron Paul goes away, the brushfires of freedom have been started!

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