Vast Treasure Spent On War, Should We Support It?

Today via Facebook, I shared the following video and comment regarding how much we spend on war and a bit of reflection on if we should support it:

Sad how much we spend on death and destruction. Even sadder that so many of us treat that money as sacred and untouchable.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I feel that after this life, if it is revealed, we will see that this money was not spent to protect the innocent, to fight “good wars”, or that God supported the majority of these efforts. I believe when truth is revealed, it will be seen that it was primarily based on deceit, lust for power and wealth. That the devil was the supporter of the majority of the efforts on both sides, and many of us will be ashamed that we fell for it.

Again, maybe I’m wrong. But maybe…just maybe…I’m not.

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