You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy

My last few posts have been focusing on foreign policy. I’m emphasizing it because I think it is the biggest obstacle for Republicans (most Independents and Democrats have much less of a problem) in supporting Ron Paul. Not that my only goal is to get people to support Ron Paul, my goal is to get people to support liberty once again. Like Ron Paul said in an interview recently, he is not trying to just win the election, he’s trying to change the course of history. I’m trying to do my little part in that grand goal, as well.

In an appeal to the good sense and humanity of the readers of this blog, my last two posts focused on putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. I wanted you to think about how you would feel and react if another country treated us the way we treat them. I hope you get the sense that you would probably react similarly toward your occupiers as those we label “terrorists” react toward us while in their land. As proud and strong as we are as Americans, we would never tolerate a country that dared set foot on our land with their military forces. I think we would all agree that any country that attempted to do so could expect a swift and forceful expulsion. We would also probably make darn sure to make an example of that country so that anyone else who had any doubts as to our dedication in defending ourselves from foreign invaders would be fully convinced that we will not hesitate to stand up for ourselves. This scenario and our reaction has been proven in the past with Pearl Harbor and the resulting atomic bomb.

Hopefully now we have established that we don’t treat others overseas like we would want to be treated. And hopefully we realize that we would probably react in a similar way that they do if we were ever treated in such a way. With that in mind, we have begun to answer the first question I think is important in understanding our foreign policy: Why do they attack us? Answer: Because we are over there.

Now I’d like to show a video that gives a quick overview on WHAT we have been doing over there that makes them so upset. This is a great little refresher that shows how much meddling we have done over there in middle eastern countries over the last 50-60 years. It reminds us that Saddam Hussein was our friend and ally, as was Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen (we used to call them “freedom fighters”, now they are “Al Qaeda” terrorists). Most of the comments in the video are from our military members who ask us to really LISTEN to them. They continue to donate more to Ron Paul than any other candidate by a huge margin. I think more and more military members all the time are realizing what they have been asked to do over there is wrong and this video helps explain what they are beginning to see:

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A Radical Experiment in Empathy

This is a similar post to my previous one. The video below, like the last one, imagines what it would be like to have some other military forces occupying our land. But this one goes further and tries to put you in their shoes, in their lands, and see what it feels like for them to have us there. To see what it would be like to see Americans, and Christians, in your land, doing the things we do.

Again, to do this type of thought experiment is considered controversial by the mainstream. That’s why the speaker in the lecture put the word “radical” in the title. But I think it is our duty, if we say we are the moral ones, spreading our good values, to at the very least attempt to understand these other people, what they feel, and what motivates them.

Please watch:
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Do unto others: Our Foreign Policy

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is sometimes called the Golden rule. Different forms of this rule exist in most, if not all religions, Christianity or otherwise. It is a simple, yet wise test for judging one’s actions when interacting with others.

While it is important to apply this rule to our actions as individuals, it is equally important to apply this rule to our actions within groups. When taken to the level of our country and applied to our Foreign Policy, it requires thinking outside of the box. The media and our leaders have narrowed the scope of the discussion and the Golden rule is almost considered forbidden to even consider when dealing with terrorists or other such individuals. However, given the importance of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, I think our Christianity demands it of us to do so.

So, in the spirit of practicing the Golden rule, let’s put this into practice. Let’s imagine what it would be like to have others do unto us what we do unto them who are on the other side of our Foreign Policy.

Recently, a video was made that does this very well:

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A Comment About The Education Bubble

On my company’s social network today, an article was posted about “The Bond Market on Education.” The article mentions that student loan bonds are a bad bet for investment firms because there are an increasing number of student loans being defaulted on and that it’s going to get worse. The company I work for is heavily involved in education software development so this is an important topic for us.

I made the following comment in that conversation:
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This Is How We Support The Troops

I’ve often been baffled at how easily people buy into the myth that “Support Our Troops” means we must “Support Our Wars”. Those phrases are not synonymous. I support our troops and that’s exactly why I want them home, with their families. As I posted before in “Presidential Candidates Claim To Support Our Troops, But Who Do Our Troops Support For President?“, the majority of the military agrees with me and gives their money to the only candidate who will bring them home. How many more must die, be injured, mentally scarred for life, or commit suicide for us to listen to them?

In support of bringing our troops home, this great video was made:
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A Comment About Intellectual Property

Although this post may be slightly technical for some people not overly familiar with technology and patents, I think it still serves the purpose of enlightening the subjects of rights and property and why they are important. We need to understand legitimate rights better and the implications of violating them, even when it seems to be for a good purpose. Hopefully this helps a little in bringing these issues to light.

My employer uses a social network for companies, called Yammer, where all of us employees can interact and share links and discuss topics within our company. Since we are a software development company, the issue of patents comes up quite a bit and there are some major patent disputes going on in the technology world right now. It seems like every major technology company is suing and counter-suing one another. It’s a big mess and it has led a lot of people to question: What’s wrong with our system that would allow this kind of thing to happen?

Recently someone shared a link to an article titled: Should software be patentable? That’s the wrong question to ask. The author of that article contends that since hardware processes are patentable, and nowadays more and more processes are implemented with software instead of hardware, then software should be patentable too. The ensuing discussion within my company revolved around speculating at where patents went wrong. In response I made the following comment:
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A Comment About “Buying American”

As you know, I post to my blog periodically, but I’m most heavily active on Facebook and Twitter. I share many links, videos, and comments and engage in conversations on topics I feel are important. Most of my blog readers are not people who I am associated with on any social networks, so my blog readers (that’s you) don’t see the majority of my online activity. So, from time to time I like to bring stuff back from those networks to my blog readers.

Today I read the following comment on Facebook:

People complain that the economy sucks… Keep buyin crap from china and it’s gonna suck worse. It’s simple, buy American and Americans work. Remember when we use to build quality [stuff]? let’s bring it back each one of us is responsible make an effort.

The comments that followed were equally, if not more erroneous. I decided to chime in and here is what I said:
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Media Promotes Herman Cain: Disses Ron Paul

Lately the media has been promoting Herman Cain more than before. One of the media’s previous favorites, Rick Perry, has been declining in popularity (with good reason, he has a bad political record, but so do all the other candidates, excepting Ron Paul). In the polls, Ron Paul has been in various positions within the top 3 most of the time including #1 a handful of times. Now that Rick Perry is losing favor, the media should be talking about the new “two-person” race of Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul. But Ron Paul, a front-runner? They can’t have that! Instead, they’ve really been boosting coverage of Herman Cain as coming out of nowhere and “skyrocketing” to be a top contender. I have no doubt that many who were previously Rick Perry supporters have switched to Herman Cain, but the media is sure trying to make sure people don’t switch to Ron Paul. Here’s a video that demonstrates that very well:

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A Comment About The “Good Government” Paradox

I recently read a book review on about Connor Boyack’s upcoming book, Latter Day Liberty. The reviewer mentioned that he was a “vehement anti-libertarian” but he did a pretty good job of reviewing the book fairly. One comment he made though was this:
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Letter To My Representatives Regarding The Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011

I wrote this letter to my Representative (Rep. Jeff Flake) and Senators (John McCain and Jon Kyl), regarding the “Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011”:
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